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Learn to Make Delicious Wines at Our Winery

We carry delicious and high quality white and red wine. Our grapes come from the top-growing regions around the world, such as Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and California. Come taste wine with use and learn the process. Once you decide what styles of wine you love, we can take it from here and make your batches. You can choose a full batch (28 bottles) or a split batch (15 bottles). If you decide that you would like to make the wine yourself, we will give you the knowledge and you can DIY. We carry a full line of wine and beer supplies. Our wine experts are here for you to share our knowledge and for questions you may have throughout the winemaking process.

Winemaking Services in Fort Gratiot, MI

With Vinomondo Winery’s winemaking services, you get to choose a style of wine that we would make for you. To do this, we would recommend that you schedule a wine tasting.

$5 tasting includes 8 samples of wine.
$10 tasting includes 8 samples of wine paired with 3 appetizers.

older women talking and drinking wine

Winemaking Process for Batches

Our winemaking process is simple. We believe in making the process fun, informative, and rewarding for our customers.

  • The tasting is designed to allow you to make an informed decision on what wine you would like to make. Once you’ve decided, you can choose a full batch order (28 750 ml bottles) or a split batch order (15 750 ml bottles). Price may vary depending on the wine you choose.
  • After you select the wine and batch amount, we take care of your wine through the fermenting process, which takes between 8 to 10 weeks to complete.
  • Lastly, we contact you when your wine is ready to be bottled. Feel free to call us to check on your wine.

We Have a Wide Array of Wines to Choose

The price of your batch depends on what wine you choose. For the most part, our wines start at $125 for a full batch of 28 (750 ml) bottles, or a split batch is 15 (750 ml) bottles. All prices include wine, shrink caps and corks. You’re welcome to bring your bottles; they just need to be cleaned and stored correctly. If you don’t have your own bottles, we sell them for $1.10 each. We also have custom labels available starting at $3.50. To get started on your winemaking journey, give Vinomondo Winery a call today.

Wine Batch

Eclipse Series

Selection Estate Series re-defined the premium wine kit landscape, by offering a very limited number of prestigious varieties and styles, sourced from exclusive vineyards in the world's greatest wine making regions. Blended with 100% pure varietal grape juice and varietal grape juice concentrate, with no added sugars, Selection Estate Series yields wines of exceptional flavour, aroma and complexity.
Reds & Whites - $210 per batch; amounts to $7.50 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $145

Selection International Series

Our most popular premium wines are made from the Selection International Series and those who demand wines with exceptional body, flavor and aroma will be able to choose the perfect accompaniment for every occasion from over 20 available wines in this series.
Reds & Whites - $185 per batch; amounts to $6.60 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $100-$110

Selection Original Series

Californian wines now match the best from around the world and this is clearly demonstrated by the quality of our Selection Original Series. Whether you enjoy traditional varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay or something more daring such as Viognier or Symphony, they can all be found in the Selection Original Series.
Reds & Whites - $185 per batch; amounts to $6.60 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $100-$105

Selection Speciale Series

Ice wines, Ports, Sherries and Sparkling Wine can all be made from the Selection Special range of award-winning wines.
Ice Wine & Sherry - $180 per batch; amounts to $6 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $95

Selection Limited Edition Series

Selection Limited Edition Series features a limited number of outstanding unique varieties from around the world that are released annually from January through April. These special wines are only available during their month of release and are immensely popular, so pre-registration is strongly advised.
Reds & Whites - $185 per batch; amounts to $6.60 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $100-$110

Island Mist

Island Mist is a delicious alternative to everyday wines and wine coolers. Combining the crisp freshness of distinctive varietal wines with full fruit flavours, this unique makes a fun, refreshing wine-based beverage to enjoy any time.
$125 per batch; amounts to $4.46 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $65

Vintners Reserve

Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintners Reserve wines offer excellent quality flavors and aromas and there almost 30 available styles to choose from.
Reds & Whites - $155-$180 per batch; amounts to $5.53-$6.43 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $75

World Vineyard Collection

Wines from Australia, California, South America and Europe are represented in the Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Collection. These wines are perfect if you enjoy versatile wines which don’t require extended aging but still offer distinct flavors from some of the great wine regions in the world.
Whites - $155 per batch; amounts to $5.54 a bottle
Kit Only Price - $75

  • A full batch includes 28 bottles (750 mml)
  • Labels are not included in most batch wine
  • Bottles are not included in the batch price
  • The cost for a full batch of bottles is $30 + tax
  • All bottles are reusable

Wine Tips

  • After bottling your wine allow bottles to stand straight up for 3-4 days. Then store bottles on their side.
  • Proper storing temperature 55 – 65 degrees.
  • After consuming a bottle of wine, rinse out in hot water.
  • Always store bottles upside down after cleaning to ensure a clean bottle.
  • We recommend storing bottles in your home to avoid insects.
  • After opening a bottle of wine, we recommend consuming the entire bottle within 3-4 days.

Come Taste Wine With Us