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Visit Vinomondo Winery For High-Quality Beer Kits

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, then making your own IPA, wheat, or amber ale is the next step. Homebrewing is a lot of fun, and it will give you a new appreciation for the microbrews you enjoy drinking at bars and at home. More importantly, making your own beer is a cost-effective endeavor. Once you’ve purchased the original equipment, the cost of brewing your own lager, pilsner, or stout is as low as $0.66 per bottle. Vinomondo Winery’s premium beer kits ensure your creation is consistent from batch to batch. Once you’re done, you’ll be sipping on your creation by the grill. For beer kits in Fort Gratiot, MI, give Vinomondo Winery a call.

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Our Beermaking Process

Our beer making services are just as extensive as our winemaking offerings. Whether you are a homebrewer who needs a little guidance on the correct way to homebrew beer or you just want us to take care of it, we can guide you through the process or make it on site and call you when it’s ready. Either way, Vinomondo Winery offers a great introduction to the joys of making your own beer.

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