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Vinomondo Winery: Excellent Wine Tastings in Fort Gratiot, MI

Here at Vinomondo Winery, we started the wine tasting trend 17 years ago, making us the oldest and most experienced in the area. With our winemaking experience and knowledge, it has led the way for other wineries to open. During this 17-year journey, we started making batches for our customers as well as retailing wine and beer supplies. Then we got licensed to sell our wines by the bottle. We then opened a gift Shoppe where we make custom gift baskets in addition to our wines. We furthered our renovations by taking down 2 walls which gave us 2 new tasting rooms and a new commercial kitchen.

winery patio

We Offer a Great Experience at Our Winery

We’re more than just a winery. Vinomondo Winery is an all-encompassing experience that’s catered towards providing our guests with a rustic, down-to-earth vibe while they enjoy the grapes of our labor. We’re also an excellent resource for DIY beer and winemakers.

Contact Vinomondo Winery to Set Up a Private Party

Vinomondo Winery is proud to offer private parties at our location. These events are perfect for team outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and weekend getaways. We provide a range of customized options. In addition to private parties, our store has everything you need to ramp up your at-home wine experience, including crackers, beer chips, and chocolates.

Come Taste Wine With Us