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Winemaking in Fort Gratiot, MI

Premium Winemaking in Fort Gratiot, MI

Here at Vinomondo Winery, we started the wine tasting trend 17 years ago, making us the oldest and most experienced in the area. With our wine making experience and knowledge it has led the way for other wineries to open. During this 17-year journey, we started making batches for our customers as well as retailing wine and beer supplies. Then we got licensed to sell our wines by the bottle. Next, we opened a gift shoppe where we make custom gift baskets in addition to our wines. We furthered our renovations by taking down 2 walls which gave us 2 new tasting rooms and a new commercial kitchen.

white wine with cork and corkscrew

Learn to Make Delicious Wines At Our Winery

We carry delicious and high quality white and red wine. Our grapes come from the 6 top-growing regions around the world, such as Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and California. Come taste wine with us and learn the process. Once you decide what styles of wine you love, we can take it from here and make your batches. You can choose a full batch (28 bottles) or a split batch (15 bottles). If you decide that you would like to make the wine yourself, we will give you the knowledge and you and DIY. We carry a full line of wine and beer supplies as well as an assortment of bottles to purchase and take home, so you have all the things you need to complete your batch. Our wine experts are here for you to share our knowledge and for questions you may have throughout the wine-making process or purchase an assortment of bottles to take home and enjoy!

friends drinking beer at table outside

Achieve More Consistent Results with Your Home Brews

Creating the perfect homebrewed beer is tricky! Some homebrewers suffer from inconsistency from batch to batch. Vinomondo Winery teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to bad batches. Our premium beer kits result in better homemade beers. Serve them at your next BBQ and make a big impression with your friends and family.

We Host Wine Tastings and Group Outings!

We’re an excellent choice for your next group outing. Birthday parties, girls and guys nights out, dates, fundraisers, and bridal and bachelor parties are all welcome. Contact Vinomondo Winery today for more information.